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The Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment of the Institute of Electric Welding named after Ye. O. Paton (Paton Plant of Welding Equipment) produces the full assortment of professional welding equipment and is the leader of the market of welding apparatuses on the territory of Ukraine and the CIS countries.

The Paton Plant of Welding Equipment implements advanced manufacturing sciences and engineering designs to produce the high quality welding equipment with optimal specifications which provides the needs of big industrial enterprises as well as of private individuals.

The Paton Plant of Welding Equipment series manufacture includes the following products:

  • transformers and rectifiers for hand and machine arc welding and facing,
  • semiautomatic welders,
  • argon-arc welding apparatuses,
  • inverter equipment (MIG-MAG, TIG, MMA, including apparatuses with the function of synergic control and pulsed operation, plasma),
  • apparatuses and sources for electroslag welding and remelting,
  • welding tractors for machine hidden arc welding of different steel grades, etc.

On orders of the Institute of Electric Welding named after Ye. O. Paton the Paton Plant of Welding Equipment produces surfacing units, equipment for machine-building plants and agricultural machinery industry, installations for electroslag welding and remelting, automated control systems for welding equipment, etc.

The Paton Plant of Welding Equipment implements new technologies of high-performance and energy-conserving automated hidden arc welding, technologies for mechanized and automated pulsed arc welding. The Plant develops technologies and produces equipment for welding of nonrotational main pipeline couplings as well as unique apparatuses for automatic arc solvent sealing welding of girth seams in deep cutting including those for rotors of high-power turbines for Turboatom enterprise.


  • 5 years equipment warranty
  • Exclusive use of high-quality parts and components
  • Full compliance of declared characteristics with the actual ones
  • Low power consumption and small size
  • Unique multifunctional performance and ease of use
  • Loyal terms of service maintenance
  • Upscale accessories included


  • Advanced formula for the comfortable welding
  • Improved security of welder health
  • High performance and environmental friendliness
  • Wide range of interaction with the metals


  • 60 years on the market of welding equipment
  • Unblemished reputation
  • Domestic facilities in Ukraine
  • Profitable and clear cooperation conditions
  • Professional technical and advisory support of clients
  • Processing of the newest technologies and researches


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