About us
x5production of welding devices increase during the last 5 years
x2production of welding electrodes increase during the last 3 years

The Pilot Paton Plant is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of welding equipment, as well as one of the leaders in the market of welding equipment and materials in the CIS countries!

Today the Plant produces more than 30 models of inverter welding equipment in the following categories:

  • inverter rectifiers (welding currents from 150A to 500A);
  • devices for semi-automatic welding (welding currents from 160A to 500A);
  • devices for argon-arc welding (welding currents from 200A to 315A);
  • air plasma cutting machines (cutting current from 40A to 100A);
  • multifunctional digital inverters (welding currents from 250A to 350A).

Our own R&D and production facilities, as well as more than 60 years of experience, allow us to develop from scratch and produce a wide range of welding equipment and materials of the highest quality, that satisfy the needs of welders both in Ukraine and in more than 30 countries around the world!

Завод в цифрах

60 years’ experience at the market
30+ countries of direct export
25000 welding machines per year
3000 tons of welding electrodes per year
350people of production personnel
5000 m2 of workshops and production facilities
10M USD of investment for the last 3 years
5-year equipment warranty
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