Perforated sheet

Perforation of metal is punching of holes in a metal sheet of various shapes: round, square, rectangular, oval etc.

PATON™ produces perforated sheets on German TRUMPF CNC punching machine, which guarantees high quality of the products.

Products from perforated sheets are very popular. Perforation (cutting, punching) of various materials is possible: structural steels, stainless, galvanized sheet, aluminium, acryl etc. We will give your products a customized style.

We make perforations on individual sketches. It is possible to perforate a sheet of structural steel with the thickness of up to 3 mm, and stainless steel sheet with the thickness of up to 2 mm. We can perform a full manufacturing cycle of parts with perforations. Perforation, bending on a CNC bending machine (maximum bend length up to 3,200 mm), welding with PATON™ devices (semi-automatic, argon-arc), powder coating. We provide services of the manufacturing of parts obtained by turning and milling machining.

Paton Pilot Plant will produce customized perforation of any complexity. Finishing treatment. Quality, speed, reasonable price.

Manager of the metal working direction:  Maksim Shavrov    Tel./fax:  +38 (044) 259 40 00  •  +38 (096) 748 38 74 •

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