Brackets for air conditioners

PATON™ will produce brackets for external and internal units of air conditioners of any design. 

Brackets for air conditioners

  • Cut quality is ideal; holes are optimized for any outdoor or indoor unit of the air conditioner
  • Powder coating
  • Brackets withstand loads many times the weight of the unit
  • The block is arranged taking into account the convenience with further service maintenance

Polymer coatings are more durable (unlike enamelled ones), since the paint is applied to the surface of parts in electrostatic field, which allows the polymer layer to penetrate deep enough into the outer layer of the metal part; this phenomenon provides high strength and durability to this coating. 

We also produce galvanized brackets.  We individually design the structure of the bracket or the anti-vandal grille for the air conditioner.

Paton Pilot Plant will produce customized brackets for conditioners of any complexity. Finishing treatment. Quality, speed, reasonable price.

Manager of the metal working direction:  Maksim Shavrov    Tel./fax:  +38 (044) 259 40 00  •  +38 (096) 748 38 74 •

Обзор сварочных электродов ПАТОН™ УОНИ 13/55
16 августа 2018
Обзор сварочных электродов ПАТОН™ ELITE АНО-36
20 июля 2018
27 декабря 2017
Полуавтоматы ПАТОН™ серии Standard
30 октября 2017
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