Case parts, cases for equipment

We will produce case products of sheet of any complexity by sophisticated CNC equipment.

Most blanks and parts of case products are manufactured on a punching CNC machine.  This modern high-speed technology for producing sheet blanks makes the products very affordable. Sheet case parts after pattern cutting are subjected to bending operations. After cutting and bending, case parts are usually welded, fixing elements are installed, etc. Galvanic or polymer coating is applied to finished parts.

We design and produce non-standard cases of industrial computers, cabinets, tables and cabinet bases for electronics; we produce case products according to the Customer’s drawings.

The types of produced case products:

  • Cases of industrial computers
  • Cases of power units
  • Lock boxes
  • Cases of welding devices
  • Various cases

Case parts are painted with polymer powder paint, which has high resistance, hardness and durability.

Paton Pilot Plant will produce customized case products of any complexity. Finishing treatment. Quality, speed, reasonable price.

Manager of the metal working direction:  Maksim Shavrov    Tel./fax:  +38 (044) 259 40 00  •  +38 (096) 748 38 74 •

Обзор сварочных электродов ПАТОН™ УОНИ 13/55
16 августа 2018
Обзор сварочных электродов ПАТОН™ ELITE АНО-36
20 июля 2018
27 декабря 2017
Полуавтоматы ПАТОН™ серии Standard
30 октября 2017
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