Establishment of the Pilot Plant as one of the components of our own Electric Welding Institute uniting in its structure the institute, pilot design and technological bureau and the pilot plant.

During these years the plant actively developed new technological sites ensuring production not only of single machines developed by institute together with pilot design and technological bureau, but also of small series of the certain models. One of such models was the compact transformer STSh - 250 destined for assembly and repair works.

In 1963 the plant produced and supplied to Chelyabinskiy pipe-rolling complex the special machines A 850 and A 943 for welding of pipes of large diameter used in Bukhara-Ural and Druzhba gas pipelines.
In 1964 the plant supplied to Volgogradskiy tractor plant A 899 machines for welding of tractor frame rails. During these years the welding machines manufactured by Pilot plant were successfully demonstrated at the international exhibitions and fairs in Brussels, New York, Marseille, Leipzig, and at the Exhibition of achievements of national economy of the USSR.
On October 16, 1969 the crew of Souyz-6 spaceship consisting of pilots-cosmonauts V. Kubasov and G. Shonin performed for the first time at the orbit electron-beam welding with plasma and consumable electrode, with use of unique machine Vulkan manufactured at the pilot plant.

n 1970-1972 new manufacturing site was developed to ensure important expansion of product range of manufactured welding equipment.
In 1972 the plant launched production of special agricultural machines.
In 1973 manufacture of VMG 5000 special multi-operator rectifiers for enterprises of shipbuilding industry was started together with manufacture of machines for electroslag, contact micro-plasma welding; such machines were not manufactured by any other plant in the USSR.
n 1975 the plant manufactured Araks special equipment for joint Soviet-French experiment in the near-Earth space between Kerguelen island, France, and Sogra village at the north of USSR with use of Eridan rocket.

Three products of the plant: rectifier VMG 5000, semi-automatic welding machine A 1114M and transformer STSh-250 were awarded State Quality Mark.

In 1976- 1978 the plant successfully manufactured U-851 technological line for frame welding destined for ZIL plant, U 901 welding set for assembly and welding of joints of large-diameter multilayer pipes, destined for Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant, and UD 133 welding set for welding of nodes of T-150 serial tractor, destined for Kharkiv tractor plant.
In 1975-1980 the plant supplied over 50 sets of welding equipment to Japan, Sweden, Germany and the USA. Large automobile manufacturers, such as VAZ, ZIL and KamAZ, became our permanent clients.
In 1979 the plant manufactured the unique set Isparitel for thermal metal evaporation and thin-film coating of several samples of construction materials on board of Salut-6 space complex in conditions of zero gravity and vacuum outboard.

This important experiment once more confirmed the advantages of scientific and production complex of Electric Welding Institute named after Ye.O. Paton uniting the scientists, designers and production team.
In 1980 an integrated complex of welding equipment for mechanization of welding works and control of operations in process of production of multilayer pipes was manufactured and supplied to Vyksa Steel Works.

A550 electroslag welding machine received the next State Quality Mark. USh 118 electroslag casting plant received gold medal at the international fair in Leipzig.

The team of specialists of Electric Welding Institute and Pilot Design and Technological Bureau headed by G.B. Asoyants, director of the plant, received State Prize of the UkSSR in area of science and technologies for implementation at the certain large plants of machines and special high-performance power sources for plasma-arc remelting.

Welding machines are successfully supplied to various enterprises, including Zdanovtyazhmash, Khartsyzsk wire and rope plant, Volgograd Atommash, and Kuybishevskiy valve plant. Welding machines and spare part kits are supplied to Austria, Hungary and Canada according to the orders of external trade organizations.

On January 3, 1984 for great achievements in development of science and technologies in area of welding and special metallurgy Scientific and technical complex of Electric Welding Institute named after Ye.O. Paton having in its structure the Pilot Plant was awarded the Order of October Revolution.

In July of 1984 at Salut-7 complex the cosmonauts Svetlana Savitskaya and Vladimir Janibekov successfully performed for the first time in the world, during 3 hours and 35 minutes, the operations of cutting, welding, soldering and spattering of metal plates with use of URI portable electron-beam welding machine manufactured by the Pilot Plant.

In 1985 Intersectoral scientific and technological complex (MNTK) was established, and the Pilot Plant was included in its structure.
In 1998 K 805 welding set for contact butt-seam welding was exported to Finland, and N-126 welding set for magnetic pulse welding was exported to Mexico.
They were the most difficult in the history of Pilot Plant. Collapse of the Soviet Union had an important impact on the industry of all republics of the Union, including Ukraine. Demand for unique welding sets for different welding types dramatically decreased, and the plant roughly cut the volumes of production.

We were forced to refuse from large affiliate of the plant. All equipment was transported to the sites of main plant. Despite that, the plant continued to produce new models of Electric Welding Institute and Pilot Design and Technological Bureau, but production was performed for real orders of customers in the CIS states.

In the end of 90ies the general revival of industrial production and construction was observed. Demand for power sources destined for different welding modes grew dramatically. The decision was taken to develop production of transformers, rectifiers and semi-automatic welding machines featured with the highest demand. The plant independently designed and developed production of small series of transformers of STSh type destined for the currents of 250 A, 315 A and 400 A, VD rectifiers destined for the currents of 250 A, 315 A and 400 A, and upgraded semi-automatic welding machines destined for the currents of 180 A, 250 A and 315 A.
At the beginning of this decade the Institute completed development of USGD arc burning stabilizer. This device efficiently improves AC welding process making it possible to weld aluminium alloys of small thickness with use of transformer as the power source.

Team of the plant improved STSh, the serial transformers, having equipped them with SGD arc burning stabilizers. The option to install in VD rectifiers two small-sized blocks was provided: such blocks improved arc burning and excluded electrode sticking during welding with low current of main seam of not only the pipes but of the other critical metal constructions. Semi-automatic welding machines were significantly upgraded, their production was developed in two models: power source integrated in the body of feeding mechanism or stand-alone rectifier and feeding mechanism.
The year of 2006. At this stage the plant, taking into account launch at the global markets of inverter power sources destined mainly for manual arc welding, created the team concentrating its efforts on design and development of manufacture of inverter equipment.
In 2008 the plant already produced small series of three models of inverters for manual arc welding destined for the currents of 120 A, 160 A and 200 A.
Before 2013 the plant manufactured according to the special orders equipment for arc welding, building-up and electroslag remelting.

2013. Growth of manufacture of classical and other power sources; important increase of volumes of production of inverter power sources for manual arc welding and other welding modes.

Revival of production as per individual orders of high-performance power sources for electroslag welding and remelting destined for the currents of 3000 A, 6000 A and 10000 A; renewal of manufacture of three types of tractors for submerged arc welding and flux-core welding with the currents of up to 1000 A. The plant designed and developed manufacture of such transformer power sources as VDU all-purpose transformers for the currents of 630 A and 1200 A.

Metal construction plants and constructions companies renewed their operation all over the country; such enterprises widely used the arc welding. That’s why in 2013 the plant developed production of multi-operator rectifiers destined for the currents of 630 A and 1200 A, and significantly increased manufacture of inverter equipment used in assembly and repair works.

In 2014 the plant completed production of 4 unique sets for welding of turbine rotors for Turboatom Kharkiv complex.

These welding sets were developed by Pilot Design and Technological Bureau of the Institute; in cooperation with our plant they were successfully implemented at Turboatom.
Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment of Electric Welding Institute named after Ye.O. Paton continues traditions of Paton school – strengthening of cooperation with industry.

Till the present time the slogan of our plant, “Reliability, Quality, Traditions” helps to establish trustworthy relations with customers of welding equipment.

Many years of experience in production of unique sets and power sources for different welding modes support optimism of the plant staff in prospects for future because there is no industrial production which is possible without welding. Paton machines will always be appreciated by customers, and not only in Ukraine.
In 2018, the PATON™ products were modernized: updated versions of inverter welding machines of the ECO series, StandardMIG series, and ProMIG-315-400V were launched into serial production.

In April 2018, the Plant successfully completed the certification process for PATON™ welding electrodes for sale in European markets. The obtained CE certificate enables the Plant to freely supply these products to 25 countries of the European Economic Zone, as well as to countries that admit European certification.

Serial production of new equipment has begun - the PATON™ WCU-7 autonomous cooling unit, the main purpose of which is high-quality cooling and ensuring the circulation of coolant in a closed system when working with welding machines.

As a part of the export strategy, PATON™ products are presented at the international exhibitions Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring (Poland) and the XVII International Industrial Forum in Kyiv.

Regarding the production of classical welding equipment, the Pilot Paton Plant successfully implemented a project to supply a batch of 5000-ampere welding current sources (VMG-5000) to a number of leading Ukrainian enterprises in the fields of mining and metallurgy.
The welding devices of the MINI, ECO and PRO series were modernized, as a result of which the operation of the devices when powered by a weak network was increased, and the professional series devices, for ease of setup, received an LCD display with a multilingual interface. Also, it completed development and organized the production test batch (under reservation customers) Remote Control for the PRO series devices with welding currents of 300 amps, which significantly increase the convenience and efficiency of equipment use and mobility of the welder.

Qualitatively improved and expanded the complete set of semiautomatic PATON™ welding machines - in addition to the semi-automatic torch and cable with the "mass" clamp in standard compete was added welding cable with electrode holder. And a professional series of semi-automatic units are completed with the accessory kit from the Abicor Binzel company.

Launched in serial production of the new powerful inverter rectifier PATON ™ VDI-500, with a rated welding current of up to 500 amperes - the first in the line of powerful inverter devices for 500/630/1200 amperes which are planned for implementing.

The production of welding electrodes PATON™ is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. Thus, confirmation was received that the Plant strictly observes in its work such principles of quality management as customer orientation, leadership, motivation and staff involvement, a process approach and continuous improvement.

PATON™ products are presented at international exhibitions: XVIII International Industrial Forum (Kiev, Ukraine), as well as MacTech 2019 (Cairo, Egypt). Within the framework of the XVIII International Industrial Forum, the Plant became a partner of the XIII Welding Competition, providing equipment - the latest PATON™ ProTIG-200 AC/DC argon-arc welding machines, and other support for competitions in the 141 method/GTAW category.
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