Meet the novelty from PATON™ - multifunctional digital inverter MFI-250MultiPro !!!

Meet the novelty from PATON™ - multifunctional digital inverter MFI-250MultiPro !!!

The uniqueness of the new inverter welding unit MFI-250MultiPro is its uniqueness - a full set of functions for the three welding modes! It is intended for professional manual arc welding MMA, argon-arc welding TIG and semi-automatic welding MIG/MAG in the environment of protective gases and mixtures with direct current.

 It should be noted that the ignition in the mode of argon-arc welding is carried out, either by the contact method of TIG-LIFT, or by contactless ignition using an oscillator. For semi-automatic mode, there is a connector for connecting the gas heater to 36V.

The digital one-body inverter welding units designed for industrial use. It fully implemented a digital method for controlling the welding process, that is, the control board of the device has absolutely all the resources of the device within its full claimed power, which is why it is universal for all welding modes.

1) in MMA mode, you can weld any electrode from 1.6mm to 6mm (with a powerful network). For special working conditions, there are 10 additional adjustments including even a pulse welding mode!

2) in TIG mode, welding can be carried out in the current range from 12A to 140A with an argon-arc burner supplied and in the range from 140A to 250A with the purchase of a water-cooled torch + a water-cooling unit. For added convenience, 10 adjustments including pulse welding mode are available!

3) in MIG/MAG mode, you can weld any welding wire from 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm (with a strong network). For added convenience, 8 adjustments including pulse welding mode are provided in operation!

In the standard set, there is everything for welding in all modes: cable with a grounding clamp, cable with an electrode holder, argon-arc torch and semi-automatic torch of the German company Binzel, and, of course, a source with a wire feeding unit. Cylinders with gas are not included in the scope of supply!

The team of developers and designers of the Paton Pilot Plant always strive to meet the needs of each client. Therefore, the equipment PATON™ is constantly being improved - new functions are added, the technical characteristics of the devices are improved, new products are released, etc. Our company is the first among domestic manufacturers of welding equipment, who starts the production of devices of this level. Similar multifunctional devices have such world brands as Lincoln and EWM.

You can buy a powerful and multifunctional digital inverter MFI-250MultiPro at the beginning of next year!

  • Date: 20.12.2017
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