Novelty! Autonomous cooling unit PATON™ is already on sale!

Novelty! Autonomous cooling unit PATON™ is already on sale!

Autonomous cooling unit PATON™ or ACU-7 is meant for providing cooling and circulation of the coolant in a closed system, during the works with welding units.

The main function of ACU-7 is a torch cooling during the welding on a big current: over 140 A for a TIG welding and 300 A for a semi-automatic welding, and during the plasma-cutting works. The ACU-7 usage during those works is very useful for protecting torches from overheating and for extending their working lifespan.

ACU-7 takes up to 7 liters of coolant, powers by a single-phase 220 V network and has 270 W of output power. It has enough power for providing non-stop coolant circulation during the welding works on the 3-d floor high (up to 10 meters), which is very useful in big construction sites. Also, in particular cases, such autonomous cooling units is the only way to meet the accident prevention requirements during the welding works.

A special focus should be taken to the universal connectors, which are used in PATON™ ACU-7. They enable to work with a maximum wide range of equipment and allow ACU-7 to be a universal tool in a professional welding.


  • Date: 17.07.2018
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