The new formulation of UNIVERSAL welding electrodes from the Pilot Paton Plant’s and the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute’s specialists

New UNIVERSAL electrodes are intended for welding ordinary and critical constructions of carbon steel with a carbon content up to 0.25%. These electrodes are designed according to a special formulation and have a rutile coating, without cellulose, thereby it reduced the aerosol release during the welding.

Also due to the use of a new coating composition, these electrodes are distinguished by soft arcing, proportional seam of coating, excellent forming of seam metal, which turns out to be clean and smooth. By the way, the clean and leprose seam is the main distinguishing characteristic of the new electrodes!

UNIVERSAL electrodes are suitable for welding in all spatial positions, except vertical from top to the bottom. To obtain a more beautiful and high-quality weld, it is recommended to conduct welding operations in a short or medium arc, at higher currents – from 100 A to 120 A (according to tests, which are performed at PATON™ professional series welding inverter devices).

New PATON™ UNIVERSAL electrodes are universal welding electrodes that can be easily used to solve a wide range of welding tasks, especially in cases where there are strict requirements to the appearance of the seam and its mechanical properties!

  • Date: 31.07.2018
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