ADI-200PAC new generation is already on sale!

ADI-200PAC new generation is already on sale!

Our team of designers worked for a whole year on the creation of a powerful and reliable apparatus for argon-arc welding with an alternating and direct current - ADI-200PAC!

To date, this argon-arc inverter is the best offer on the welding equipment market. This machine is designed to solve a wide range of problems in welding a variety of materials, such as aluminum and its alloys, copper, and copper alloys, all grades of steel, as well as cast iron and titanium. The ADI-200 PROFESSIONAL series is equipped with a digital interface with a liquid crystal display, which allows you to set the desired welding parameters quickly and easily.

Unlike its predecessor, the new ADI-200PAC has a number of advantages, among which:

- possibility to save 10 modes (previously only one mode could be saved);

- extended functions in the MMA mode, namely «Hot Start», «Arc-Force» and «Anti-Stick»;

- possibility to use a “PULSE” function in all welding modes;

- added a new RAW mode or an electric shutter mode. It has 4 adjustments and allows you to weld the electric buckles with a stable heat input, also it can be used for quick tack welds;

- the range of adjustment of all parameters in all welding modes is significantly extended.

Specialists of Paton Pilot Plant wanted to make sure that you could work in pleasure. The unit ADI-200PAC is guaranteed for 5 years! If the warranty case will occur during the first 12 months from the date of purchase, all transport costs for apparatus delivery to the service center will be paid by PATON™.

  • Date: 22.12.2017
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