ASH 115 М2

Welding device is designed for electroslag welding of curvilineal one-direction joints of steel construction. The device runs on flexible rail track placed on the product. The device is block-modular, consists of unified light replaceable assembly. Feed principle of welding wire is separate (independent).

Operating voltage to every wire is applied from separate direct current power supply.

Functional capabilities of welding device provide operational control of technological process of junction welding in wide range of electroslag welding operating parameters, maintain high reliability and repeatability of temperature-time welding conditions.

Control system is designed on base of components of leading global producers:

  • Programmable controller which provides operation of electrical equipment by algorithm specified by special software;

  • Frequency inverter for control of device travel electromotors, welding wire feed and electrode vibration along gap clearance;

  • Touch-sensitive screen for input and display of colour parameters and emergency messages output.

Two device’s operating modes are provided: setup and automatic modes.

Setup mode is intended for operation checkup of all mechanisms of the device.

Automatic mode is intended for automatic (semiautomatic) control of welding technological process according to the given program.
Device control system provides measurement, regulation and stabilization of welding mode’s parameters.

Control of horizontal position of electrode feed block (parallel to slag bath surface) in process of welding of curvilineal joints is also provided.

Device’s delivery set:

  1. Welding device consisting of:

    • Traveling gear;

    • Vibration mechanism;

    • Electrode feeding machine (2 sets);

    • Mechanism of electrode position change according to slag bath surface;

    • Control set.

  2. Control cabinet

  3. Slide rail – flexible strip with evolvent toothed bar, length 7 m.

  4. Two coils for welding wire with supports.

  5. Spare nozzles and sliders.

  6. Replacement units.

  7. Power supply – VDU 1202P (2 pieces)

  8. Welding cables.

  9. Control cables.

Technical characteristics

Diameter of welding wire, mm 3,0
Quantity of welding wires, pieces 1-2
Speed of welding wire feed, m/h 35-250
Nominal welding current at each electrode (100% duty rating), А 1000
Nominal voltage and power frequency 380 V, 50 Hz
Speed of march movement, m/h 10
Welding speed, m/h 0,4-6,0
Speed of transverse vibrations, m/h 20-75
Length of nozzle’s stay at bath edge, s   1-9
Distance between electrodes, mm 50-150
Vibration swing, mm 100
Regulating limits of dry electrode stick-out, mm   40-120
Regulating limits of angle of electrodes’ slope to slag bath edge +25С
Water consumption for slider cooling (workshop system), l/min 25
Correction of nozzles across gap clearance, mm + 20
Lateral correction of nozzles with sliders simultaneously, mm + 25
Mass of welding wire in a coil, kg, no more than 135
Index of protection of control cabinet and control set, not lower than IP55
Dimensions, mm 1500/750/1450
Weight, kg 300
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