The VDM-1202P  multioperator rectifier welding unit is designed for furnishing the welding points of the manual arc welding with coated electrodes of the carbon and alloy steels products using the direct current. The rectifier can be also used in steady-state conditions completed with the RB – 302, RB-306 ballast resistors.

The rectifier welding unit is not regulated and has a rigid external characteristic.

The welding current regulation is made for a concrete point independently using a ballast resistor.


  • simple design;

  • high reliability and life cycle of work;

  • welding current and voltage indication;

  • availability of the circuit breaker assembly;

  • operation at the temperatures – 40 °С to +50 °С;

  • easy servicing and repair;

  • N insulation class;

  • to the maximum adapted to work in the exploitation severe duties.

The rectifier welding unit is composed of the powerful line transformer, the up-to-date rectifier module with the improved air cooling system. Using the up-to-date element base and materials allowed reducing  materially the weight and dimensioning specifications, to increase the product service life and duration, to improve its maintainability.

As compared to the similar multioperator rectifiers, the VDM-1202P has the better technical and economic parameters, modern design, extended service life.

Delivery set:

Designation Quantity
VDM type multioperator rectifier arc welding unit 1
Certificate 1
On request  
Ballasts resistors  

Technical characteristics

Parameter designation Value
Supply mains voltage, V 3х380
Supply mains frequency, Hz 50
Nominal welding current, А (at MF=100 %) 1250
Number of welding points, at most 8
Coefficient of the welding points work synchronism, at most 0.5
One welding point nominal welding current, А, at most 315
Closed-circuit voltage, V, at most 75
Energy input, at nominal current, kVA, at most 90
Electrode diameter, mm 3-6
Overall dimensions (LхWxH), mm 740х610х640
Weight, kg, at most 285


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