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Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment of the Institute of Electric Welding named after E.O. Paton today

Since 2010 Paton Pilot Plant significantly increased production capacity: today plant produces 3000 units every month or 36,000 per year, which far exceeds the volume of production in 2005: 50 machines of inverter type per month.

Products of Experimental plant are certified according to Ukrainian and European standards (CE), established service centre for warranty and technical support.

Paton Pilot Plant supplies welding equipment to Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Poland, Czech Republic, Myanmar, Equatorial Guinea and other countries.

Exclusive contracts have signed with the largest distribution companies of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Serbia, Moldova.

The regular deliveries to the countries of Middle East and Eastern Europe are in progress now.

The main clients of Paton Pilot Plant are large holdings and companies like ArcelorMittal, DTEK, Zaporizhstal, Kyivvodokanal, Kyivenergo, Nibulon, Odessagas, Ukroboronprom, Ukrainian railway, UMG Group and others.EPWE production successfully competes with foreign producers, and by the ratio ”price-quality” even displaces Chinese manufacturers of welding equipment. An example is a contract with a network of retail hypermarkets EpicentrK for production equipment under the brand name EVО.

From 2014 exists 5-year warranty on welding inverters of series ADI and VDI.

The serial production of inverters MMA-250P for manual arc welding and argon arc welding and MMA-315P for electric arc welding (380 V), plasma cutter CUT-40S, semi-automatic machines of inverter type for 250A (220V) and machine for welding aluminum ADI-200PAC was implemented.

Commercially available multiple-arc rectifiers for manual arc welding with stick electrodes of VDM type, universal welding rectifiers of VDU type for automatic submerged arc welding and semi-automatic welding in shielding gases, as well as ballast rheostats for adjusting welding current on each post from multiple-arc rectifiers.

During the past five years Paton Pilot Plant is developing rapidly: turnover of the plant has increased almost 10 times, number of employees is more than 300 people.

Against the backdrop of the economic crisis of the last few years, the Paton Plant demonstrates a steady growth in production: the sales of welding equipment rose by almost 50% in year 2016 compared to 2014, and the share of the Paton Plant market for welding electrodes increased sixfold.

Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, Paton Pilot Plant striving hard to realize the goal: to reach the leaders in welding equipment production in East Europe.

Market of welding equipment is highly competitive and saturated with manufacturers, but increase of production capacity and development of competitive models of welding machines are able to provide Paton Pilot Plant stable and prosperous position.

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