Mission and values

Mission and values of Pilot plant of welding equipment of E. O. Paton Institute of electric welding – basis of its success.

They lie at the heart of the company, describing EPWE EWI of E. O. Paton and highlighting on the background of other organizations.

They form imagination of EPWE EWI of E. O. Paton about the future, its business strategy, decisions, actions and behavior.

To produce equipment of exceptional quality in field of welding technologies and to supply organizations all over the world.

For fulfilling its mission, EPWE EWI of E. O. Paton attracts, hires and supports the most talented engineers, designers, business professionals, specialists of sales, marketing and customer support through creation of excellent professional atmosphere.

Values of the company

  • Product quality
  • People as the largest value

EPWE EWI of E. O. Paton offers exceptional quality of its products, always puts customer to first place, constantly striving to exceed expectations.

EPWE EWI of E. O. Paton considers people as its main advantage and proves it every day by actions.

EPWE EWI of E. O. Paton seeks to find the most competitive solutions to achieve the highest level of products and productivity in the world.

EPWE EWI of E. O. Paton deserves trust of customers by its skills, reliability, quality and traditions.

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