Argon-arc welding of aluminium and stainless steel

Devices manufactured by PATON™ carry out argon-arc welding of aluminium and stainless steel:

ADI-200S is intended for:

  • Manual arc welding (MMA)
  • Argon-arc welding (TIG)
  • Semi-automatic welding (MIG/MAG)

PATON argon-arc digital inverter-rectifier welding unit of the STANDARD series is designed for demanding users who need maximum mobility with great functionality at its rated current of 160 A and 200 A, which is enough for any electrodes and semi-automatic welding with solid wire.

Main properties and advantages:

  • Wide possibilities of welding parameters adjustment in different modes
  • Adjustable to pulse mode in all types of welding
  • Adapted to a standard household electrical network
  • Easy operation due to long load times

ADI-200PAC is intended for welding with a constant and an alternating current of a wide spectrum of materials:

  • Aluminium, aluminium alloys (TIG AC mode)
  • Steel parts and materials, non-ferrous metals and copper alloys (TIG DC mode)
  • as well as for piece covered-electrode welding (MMA mode)

The following are main properties and advantages of this device:

  • Contact and non-contact arc ignition
  • Ability to adjust current frequency balance in TIG AC mode
  • Ease of operation due to long load duration at the rated current, which allows welding virtually continuously at the rated current
  • All heating elements of the source are equipped with a thermal electronic protection system
  • Smooth adjustment of welding parameters
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