Pattern cutting of metal sheet on TruPunch 1000 machine

Since 1923, TRUMPF group has been manufacturing machines and industrial lasers. TRUMPF is a leader in the global market of metalwork equipment. For this very reason, Paton Pilot Plant selected TRUMPF machines and purchased TRUMPF TruPunch 1000 punching machine.

TRUMPF punching machines and blanking presses meet the highest requirements of modern machine-building industry for metal working equipment. Advanced technologies provides a minimum processing time and high quality products. TruPunch 1000 is easy to maintain and has good technical capabilities.

The machine has a high productivity and can process large solid sheets with dimensions of up to 2,500х1,250 mm and thickness 0.5 to 6.0 mm. The machine processes steel, aluminium, as well as stainless steel and steel with different coatings.

In addition to cutting, the machine performs forming, marking, bending, thread rolling, loop bending and flange drawing, unlike other machines. All punching tools for holes notching are rotatable, which makes it possible to manufacture parts with the most complicated geometry. Automatic tool lubrication system in the punching zone substantially increases the service life and quality of the manufactured products.

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