Sheet bending on TruBend 3120 machine

TruBend 3120 press brake combines a number of advantages. It is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes in bending field, regardless of whether large or small, complex or simple components are produced.

TruBend provides the required accuracy without any additional effort. Built-in table crowning system ensures alignment of the beam and the table, so that the same bending angle is maintained along the entire length of the machine. 

The CNC table crowning system is fully automated and does not require operator’s intervention. The system calculates the depth of die immersion in the material, matrix opening and metal thickness.

The correct depth of immersion guarantees the right angle.  To obtain the exact size of a bent flange, the press brake should take into account the change in sheet length that occurs when bending. The bending machine has a large database of parameters for optimal bending of parts.

TruBend 3120 press brake is used in the production of metal furniture, advertising and building structures, shelving, display cabinets, refrigerators and other equipment for storing food products and sales management of this type of goods, as well as enterprises supplying part to automotive, electronic, electrical and other industries.




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