Metal working services:

Cutting of metal sheet on TruPunch 1000 machine:

  • Processing of a solid sheet with dimensions of up to 2,500х1,250 mm
  • Sheet thickness from 0.5 to 6.0 mm
  • Ability to process structural steels, stainless steel, etc.
  • High manufacture accuracy (machine axes positioning accuracy up to 0.02 mm)

Sheet bending on TruBend 3120 machine

  • Length of a bendable part along the bend line up to 2,500 mm
  • Flange length from 7 to 800 mm
  • Bendable material thickness from 0.55 to 6 mm
  • Positioning accuracy by X-direction — 0.05 mm, by Y-direction — 0.01 mm
  • Creation of computer numerical control (CNC) programs for bending complex shape parts
  • Minimum bend angle — 179°, maximum bend angle — 30°

Argon-arc welding of aluminium and stainless steel

We carry out argon-arc welding of stainless steel and aluminium with argon-arc welding inverters manufactured by PATON:

  • ADI-200S
  • ADI-200PAC

Machining: turning and milling works

  • Benchwork
  • Turning and milling machining of any complexity
  • Finishing treatment of products


Manager of the metal working direction:  Maksim Shavrov    Tel./fax:  +38 (044) 259 40 00  •  +38 (096) 748 38 74 •

Metalworking is a technological process of changing the shape, dimensions and qualities of various products of metals and alloys. During the technological processes of metal treatment using various methods, the shape and size of the products change in order to obtain the desired finished products.

Currently, metalworking is considered the leading direction of many plants, allowing forming a wide range of products for various practical purposes.

Manufacturing of products at the metalworking enterprise can be associated with various technological types of processing such as: machining, stamping of parts, metal casting, forging, heat treatment and much more.

Machining is based on the application of various technological methods of influence on the blank to be treated in order to obtain the required shape and dimensions in accordance with the tasks set.

Cold metal stamping is one of such a method of manufacturing a part. In this process a deformation of the material by rupture occurs. The processing is performed on TruPunch 1000 punching CNC machine, manufactured by German TRUMPF.

This machine has a high productivity and a large solid sheet processing area with dimensions of up to 2,500х1,250 mm and thickness from 0.5 to 6.0 mm. The machine processes steel, as well as stainless steel and steel with different coatings. Finished products can be removed by the operator or by moveable and stationary trays.

TRUMPF punching machines meet the highest requirements of modern machine-building industry for metal working equipment. Advanced technologies provides a minimum processing time and high quality products. TruPunch 1000 is easy to maintain and has good technical capabilities.

Bending parts from sheet material is another way to manufacture products. TruBend 3120 press brake combines a number of advantages. It is versatile and can be used for a variety of bending tasks, regardless of whether large or small, complex or simple parts are produced.

TruBend 3120 provides the required accuracy without additional measures due to the CNC system. Built-in table crowning system ensures alignment of the beam and the table, so that the same bending angle is maintained along the entire length of the machine. The CNC table crowning system is fully automated and does not require operator’s intervention. The system calculates the depth of punch immersion in the matrix, and press beam opening depending on metal thickness. 

Turning machining is a form of part manufacture associated with the removal of material layer to form the desired surface shape. On turning type machines the parts relating to the type of rotation bodies are processed, such as: stepped and smooth shafts, drive pulleys, bushings, nuts and other parts.

Milling is the method of mechanically shaping associated with the cutting process and removing the corresponding material layer. Milling is carried out using a multi-blade or other tool that performs rotational motion in conjunction with the translational movement of the blank.

Grinding is a technological operation, which can be both fine and finishing. Grinding is used for finish machining of surfaces with different properties. This type of machining is a high-performance and effective method of finishing the surfaces of parts. Grinding forms surfaces with the required characteristics in terms of dimensional accuracy, geometry and roughness.

Metalworking by welding is the process of joining parts together, using various welding methods. Argon-arc welding of aluminium and stainless steel is carried out using ADI-200S and ADI-200РАС devices manufactured by PATON™.

In general, metallurgy and metalworking represent a very important process for obtaining various kinds of products. Ultimately, a metal product is obtained, which is further used in assembly units, in the construction of large and small metal structures. 

We provide the following metal working services:

  • Bending of parts of various configurations of sheet material on a CNC press brake;
  • Cutting, shaping of parts of various shapes (forming, marking, thread rolling, loop manufacture and bending and ironing) of sheet metal on a punching CNC machine;
  • Milling;
  • Machining;
  • Turning machining;
  • Metal coating with electrostatic powders;
  • Finishing treatment of products of square, rectangular and round pipe form;
  • Processing of products of any complexity, urgent orders, complex manufacturing, and customized approach.
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